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Narcissa Vera Black
30 September
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Name: Narcissa Vera Black

Age/Birthday: 16/September 30, 1959

House: Slytherin

Physical Description (be specific):Narcissa or Cissa --to her family and friends-- or Cissy --if your one of her sisters-- is on the tall side at about 5' 7" and slim. She has long, wavy blonde hair. Her skin is very pale. She always wears a wide brimmed hat whenever she goes outside or else she burns under the sun. Narcissa would die before her skin turned an awful shade of pink. Narcissa is very worried about her appearance and has impeccable hygiene. Narcissa is seen as a generally beautiful girl, except when she wrinkles her nose in disgust when something displeases her. She is obsessed with her hair. It has to be perfect. Always. She likes to wear her down most of the time or have it in a neat ponytail, bun, or a French twist.

Personality Description: Cissa has a very interesting personality. She is generally sweet towards everyone and she is always polite. She was raised to be very polite, always polite. She does exactly what her parents told her and would probably jump blindly off a building if they asked her to. Remarkably obedient and docile. The perfect daughter. Narcissa was also rasied to not like muggleborns. Although she has been told not to associate with them, she still is polite to them. Narcissa gets odd affixations on things. She loves to write short stories, plays, and poems, love poems. She loves romance novels. There are some excellent ones in her bookcase at home. Narcissa hates to displease people. She would crawl into a hole and cry if people started making fun of her. She loves being the center of attention and would die if all of that was taken away. Despite her beauty, she's very insecure. Narcissa is a fragile girl on the inside.

15 words: sweet, polite, charming, beautiful, insecure, fragile, poetic, egocentric, hair-obsessed, clean, loyal, brooding, stubborn, the eldest, obedient

Family Background (blood lines, family personality/outlook):Narcissa is a pureblood, the daughter of Druella and Cygnus Black, sister of Andromeda and Bellatrix --Cissa is the youngest-- and the cousin of Sirius and Regulus Black. Cissa adores her family. She would do anything for them. Her family is geared towards the power of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and agree that purity of blood is a must.

Personal History (exactly that, personal history): Narcissa has always been the favorite daughter of Druella and Cygnus Black. The unique blonde headed girl of the Black family. Narcissa always has been an obedient child. She does exactly what she's told and her mother and father admire her for it. Her parents are constantly comparing her two older sisters, Andromeda and Bellatrix to Narcissa. She is the "perfect daughter" by her parents standards. Naricissa has always gotten everything she wanted. If Narcissa wants something she gets it and will go at great lengths to get exactly what she wants. She's ambitious that way. It also helps that she's the baby of the family. On her entrance to Hogwarts, her parents bought her a doll-face Persian cat, whom Cissa named Princess Kitty. The cat is very fluffy and white with blue eyes. Narcissa loves the cat dearly and tends to put pink bows in the cats fur and baby talk to it, much to her sisters' annoyance. The cat only likes Narcissa and is quite elitist in that cat-like way. Narcissa can usually be found scribbling poems, short stories, and plays in her dairy. She loves writing and excels in Ancient Runes, Charms, and Herbology. She tries her best in all her classes to please her parents wishes. Her parents goal for her is to get married into even more wealth and power. Basically, they want her to be the perfect trophy wife. Narcissa is more than willing to follow in the path laid out for her. The boys in her life are not that many. Sure there are many boys clawing at her to go out with her. She politely declines dates with any muggleborns that are thrown at her, but politely accepts dates with respectable pureblood boys. Her parents wishes. Narcissa has never gone so far with a boy and wants to save herself for marriage. Cissa loves to talk. One will find her chatting it up with almost everyone.


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